Popular sports of Glendale Oregon that make news

Located in Douglas County in the state of Oregon, United States, lies is the small city of Glendale. Glendale has a population of only 855 people as per the 2000 census report and has an area of 0.4 square miles. As the economy of Glendale was primarily based on logging, it was given the name of ‘Stumptown’. It was later given the name of ‘Julia’ as an honor to one of the town’s prominent citizens’ Sol Abraham’s wife. Eventually this town came to be known as Glendale. The town was nearly destroyed in a major fire in the year 1900. However, the town was salvaged and most of it was rebuilt. There are only a few heritage structures that remain now, most of them concentrated on Main Street with the Presbyterian Church as one of the prominent historical landmarks.

Being a small city, Glendale’s sport enthusiasts cannot boast of any sport or professional team originating from their own area. They however, do follow the sports team supporting the state of Oregon. The only professional sports team from this area is the Portland trail Blazers. They are a professional basketball team belonging to the National Basketball Association. This team was one of the most successful teams from Oregon in the NBA from the 1970’s until the 1990’s. They have a record number of wins and attendance during this period. The team slipped from its key position during the 200’s owing to financial difficulties as well as personal issues but managed to revive itself after the departure of a few players. Some of the new players that were introduced to the team were Greg Oden, Brandon Loy and LaMarcus Aldridge.

The Portland blazers play in the Rose Garden Arena which is one of Oregon’s main indoor sports arenas. Most of the sports events in Oregon such as basketball, hockey etc take place in this centre.

The professional Lacrosse team in Portland, Oregon is known by the name of the Portland LumberJaks. They were a part of the National Lacrosse League from their inception in 2006. They played in the League from 2006 until 2009. It was after the 2009 season that they were dissolved. This team was owned by Angela Batinovich, who at the age of twenty four became the youngest owner of a professional sports franchise. Until the dispersal of the Portland LumberJaks by the NLL, they played all their games in the Rose Garden Arena.

The two minor soccer teams of this area are called the Portland Timbers and the USL First Division. They had also actively pursuing the Major League Baseball teams with the Portland Beavers vying for a position there. Their position in the Major League Baseball was confirmed in 2009 making them the second professional team in Oregon.

Some of the other sports teams that make news in this area are in the sports of basketball with four teams as a part of the recent International Basketball League. Carrying on one of the old traditions of this area is the Civil War; a contest between the Oregon Ducks and the Oregon State Beavers. This is one of the oldest college sports rivalries dating back to 1894. Some of the other college sports that are looked at with great interest are college baseball championships and the NCAA men’s cross country championships.